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CU Free

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Does anyone use CU Free? Here’s the reason for my question.

I’ve just implemented a migration from a pair of 9980V and 9970Vs to a single USP in one site and a 9970V and 9980V remaining in the other site. All of the MCU->RCU relationships (4 of them) are being used between the USP and the 99XXV boxes.

If I implement another USP in the site with the 9900’s I want to replicate from the existing USP. Will CU Free let me exceed the MCU->RCU restriction or is it just a helpful way of saving me having to enter all the paths for all the CU relationships I want to use? i.e. is the restriction of 4 still there regardless?

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  • Carl

    CU Free is a different way of looking at the relationships.

    MCU:RCU relationships are based on the Logical Control Unit that is part of the LDEV address.
    CU Free allows you relate the arrays to each other (MDKC:RDKC).

    If you set up the relationship between the arrays using CU Free, you’re done! No more MCU:RCU relationships to manage.

  • Chris M Evans

    Carl, thanks for the comment – but is there a limit on the relationships that can be established between arrays at the CU level?

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