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Enterprise Connectivity with iPod Touch

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Last year I blogged about my replacement iPaq after my previous one failed. As I said at the time, it was dull, dull and more dull.

Earlier this year I bought an iPod Touch while in the US. It is a wonderful device. The screen is fantastic, the quality of the applications is great and the video is so watchable. Unfortunately, email integration with my Exchange Server was only via IMAP. The integration worked fine, however it didn’t integrate my calendar or contacts. For a while I used the notes application until I jailbreak’ed and installed a to-do list application, although it wasn’t that good.

Now I’ve installed version 2.0 of the ‘Touch software (following on from its release on the iPhone). I have full Exchange integration and the ability to install applications (Omnifocus for time management being the first).

Finally my ‘Touch has become indispensable. I can’t see anything else on the market to touch it (no pun intended)! Now I have a problem…do I invest in the new iPhone….

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Chris M Evans has worked in the technology industry since 1987, starting as a systems programmer on the IBM mainframe platform, while retaining an interest in storage. After working abroad, he co-founded an Internet-based music distribution company during the .com era, returning to consultancy in the new millennium. In 2009 Chris co-founded Langton Blue Ltd (www.langtonblue.com), a boutique consultancy firm focused on delivering business benefit through efficient technology deployments. Chris writes a popular blog at http://blog.architecting.it, attends many conferences and invitation-only events and can be found providing regular industry contributions through Twitter (@chrismevans) and other social media outlets.
  • Dave B.

    I think its always best to buy devices outside of the eu due to the volume capping imposed in the eu. I recently tried to hack my ipod to remove the cap but it didnt work. depends on model.

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