I’ve recently started working with Kaminario, an all-flash array startup vendor and will be publishing a series of posts and papers on the Kaminario site.  I’ll also be linking them here for convenience.  The first post covers scale-out architectures as a way to avoid the continual replacement of technology – the so called forklift upgrade.  Here’s the start of the post, with a link to the full content.

The enterprise world revolves around the process of continuous hardware refreshes. In storage, this cycle occurs perhaps every 3-4 years, depending on the organization and their volume of data growth. Storage is refreshed because better, faster and cheaper arrays come along and the traditional vendors make refresh pricing attractive – maintenance charges after the initial period of warranty can be alarmingly expensive.

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Written by Chris Evans

With 30+ years in IT, Chris has worked on everything from mainframe to open platforms, Windows and more. During that time, he has focused on storage, developed software and even co-founded a music company in the late 1990s. These days it's all about analysis, advice and consultancy.

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