Seems like Chris Mellor has struck a raw nerve with EMC and in particular Chad Sakac over this article he wrote for The Register.  Unfortunately Chad’s response makes him appear more like a spoilt child than a marketing professional who’s prepared to take the rough with the smooth in IT marketing.  Of course this isn’t the first time Chad’s been upset with someone’s misinterpretation of his words, as I found out from this article I posted.  It also isn’t the first time Chris Mellor has been under attack as this article from Chuck Hollis shows.  The use of language here is particularly interesting; whilst Chuck criticises Chris “respectfully”, he still describes his words as “ramblings”.

It is completely hypocritical for EMC (and I class Chad as EMC rather than an individual – his blog is clearly driven by and 100% focused on marketing) to expect to give out the criticism yet balk when it is given back.  EMC are as culpable as any vendor in mudslinging.  A quick check of the EMC corporate bloggers finds the following competitor negative posts:

Barry Burke

Barry is particularly focused on insulting the opposition, with some questionable content: – (yet EMC do chidish tricks like parking cars outside their competitors and spray painting sidewalks)—exposed.html – (When EMC liked Chris Mellor)—buy-one-get-one-free-close-out.html

The last of these posts could be treated as particularly personal and distasteful, as it pictures IBM employees as Laurel & Hardy.

Whilst Chuck’s ramblings are mostly harmless, he isn’t averse to the odd negative dig –

Who can forget this quality post from 2008;

Mark Twomey (aka StorageZilla)

Yes, Mark has his fair share too: “Chief Science Fiction Officer”

Chad, you’re coming across more pompous than usual; if you can’t see why people criticise, then look no further than the hyperbole of your own blog post titles.  You say:

“Look, I respect Chris.   He has a job to do.  I think he’s very good at what he does.   But, you simply can’t deny that he titles and structures his posts to be short, punchy, and draw eyeballs. Hey, he’s a reporter.  I understand that. It’s no different that me having my job.”

Yet have titles for your posts such as “VNX = the worlds biggest, most bad a$$, swiss-army knife storage” – surely it’s the pot calling the kettle here….

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