This post is one of a series of previews of companies presenting at Cloud Field Day 3, an invitation-only event in Silicon Valley, taking place 4-6 April 2018.  For more information, see the dedicated CFD3 events page

If someone asked me what business Riverbed was in, I’d have said WAN acceleration.  In past lives, I’ve briefly looked at the Riverbed products as technology to accelerate and optimise storage WAN traffic between data centres.  Networks can be expensive, so reducing the amount of traffic flowing between sites can reduce costs, but WAN management is more than that.

With so much more data moving between private and public clouds, accelerating traffic in this instance means reducing on cloud egress charges, implementing network encryption and being able to audit exactly what traffic is flowing across the network and to whom.  Having the ability to sniff out data being stolen by tracking unusual data patterns becomes an essential feature.


I’m hoping these features and more is what we can expect from Riverbed.  The company describes itself as “enhancing digital performance” with a Digital Performance Platform.  This seems to include not just WAN traffic, but understanding and optimising application performance too.  I’m intrigued to see how deep this technology will go.

For example, imagine an application accessing a MySQL database.  Transaction times are directly related to the latency between the client and the MySQL Server.  If the two are not closely located, then completing transactions is delayed, impacting on all users of the data.  Will the Riverbed products be able to highlight where these kinds of application dependencies exist and how performance issues can be mitigated?  I’m hoping so.

The Architect’s View

I don’t feel qualified to write as much about Riverbed as I have on the other presenting sponsors.  However, fingers crossed, this presentation could provide a wealth of new knowledge in an area that is critical to multi-cloud deployments.

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