This page will hold links to Storage Field Day 10, due to be held in San Jose, California, USA, 25-27 May 2016.  I am attending as a delegate.

Pre-Event Delegate Posts

Post-Event Delegate Posts


Kaminario started the day with a background presentation from Josh Epstein on the company, including new offices, expansion of sales teams and an increase in Q1 sales year-on-year of 120%.  This was followed by a customer presentation from Nuance (Frederic Van Haren) on the use of Kaminario K2 for voice processing.  Shachar Fienbit (Kaminario CTO) then discussed the futures of all-flash arrays, including how media and connectivity can be expected to be implemented.  The final presentation was from Shai Maskit, demonstrating the new quality of service functionality.

The second set of presentations was from Primary Data.  Lance Smith started the day off with background on the company and the development of the technology.  David Flynn followed on with an in-depth discussion of the Primary Data technology; DataSphere and DSX (the software running on client servers).  Currently there’s no ability to span data centres with the technology.  The logical assumption is that over time, customers should start replacing traditional arrays and move towards commodity storage with DataSphere as the abstraction layer.  Finally Kaycee Lai presented a demo of the solution, with use cases and cost savings.


Day 1: Kaminario Videos

Introduction to Kaminario: All Flash Storage for an On-Demand World

Kaminario Case Study: Moving to All Flash Storage

Kaminario Technology Vision: The Future of Storage and the All-Flash Data Center

Kaminario Analytics Platform: Datacenter Aware Storage

Kaminario Datacenter Aware Storage Demo with Shai Maskit

Day 1: Primary Data Videos

Primary Data Welcome and Overview with Lance Smith

Primary Data Technology Vision with David Flynn

Primary Data DataSphere Overview with Kaycee Lai

Primary Data DataSphere Demo

Day 1: Cloudian Videos

Cloudian Introduction with Michael Tso

Cloudian HyperStore: Smart Data Storage

Cloudian Smart Data Storage Architecture

Cloudian Storage @Scale Overview

Cloudian Storage @Scale Demo

Cloudian Smart Support with Vikram Gupta

Day 2: Pure Storage Videos

Introduction to Pure Storage FlashBlade with Par Botes

Pure Storage FlashBlade Hardware Architecture

Pure Storage FlashBlade Software Architecture

Day 2: Datera Videos

Datera Introduction with Marc Fleischmann

Datera Docker and Swarm Demo

Datera Architecture Deep Dive

Datera OpenStack Demo with Bill Borsari

Day 2: Tintri Videos

Tintri Product Overview and Vision with Kieran Harty

Tintri VM-Aware Storage and Quality of Service Demo

Tintri VM Scale Out Demo with Mark Gritter

Tintri Analytics Demo with Brandon Salmon

Tintri SyncVM Demo with Christopher Slater

Tintri Wrap-up Discussion with Kieran Harty

Day 3: Nimble Storage Videos

Nimble Storage Unified Flash Fabric Overview

Nimble Storage All Flash Array Differentiators

Nimble Storage Live Exchange Migration Demo

Nimble Storage InfoSight Introduction with Rod Bagg

Nimble Storage Power of Infosight Demo

Nimble Storage Infosight Labs, Application Insights, and Dispelling the Myths of Real World Block Size

Day 3: Hedvig Videos

Hedvig Introduction and Technology Vision

Hedvig Architecture Whiteboard with Bharat Naik

Hedvig Platform Demo with Abhijith Shenoy

Hedvig Docker Container Deployment Demo

Hedvig Customer Field Deployment Whiteboard Session

Day 3: Exabox Videos

Exablox Update with Doug Brockett

Exablox Overview with Sean Derrington

Exablox OneSystem Demo with Sean Derrington

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