This page will hold links to Tech Field Day 10, held in Austin Texas 3rd-5th February 2016.  I am attended as a delegate.

Pre-Event Delegate Posts

Day 1

Platform9 presented on their OpenStack SaaS offering for putting OpenStack style management around vSphere environments.  Videos:

Caringo presented on their object storage platform.  This included an overview of the technology, a discussion of some internal features (such as the stateless data nodes) and the integration with S3.  The presentations finished with FileFly, an archiving tool that allows data to be archived from Microsoft and NetApp filers into an object store.

Diablo Technologies talked about Memory1, a non-persistent implementation of flash using the DIMM form factor.  Although Memory1 is based on NAND flash technology it is actually memory extension solution that allows a server to address more logical memory than would have been otherwise possible.  With NUMA on multi-processor systems, the benefits of using Memory1 are only outweighed slightly by the performance impact of using flash rather than DRAM.

Day 2

Dell use their TFD time to present the partnership with Nutanix.  Dell is a supplier of hardware for Nutanix’s XC platform as well as to a host of other hyper-converged and SDS vendors.

Rubrik, a startup company delivering scale-out backup hardware, presented a deep dive on their products and used the presentation time to announce the release of a new feature that allows the backup of physical servers.  One of Rubrik’s key benefits has been the ability to back up without agents.  As they move into non-virtualised solutions, making backups without deploying some kind of controlling software will be hard.  This subject is discussed in the third video.

VMTurbo was the final presenter of day 2.  The company provided background on their solution (including a somewhat cheesy video) as well as some deep dives into the new features.  The VMTurbo premise is based on the idea of buyers and sellers in a marketplace.  This analogy is carried through almost to obsession, which created a certain degree of consternation with the delegates.

Day 3

SolarWinds were the sole presenter for day 3.  The company used their time to talk about new products in development and gauge potential interest, including Netpath, for network problem diagnosis, server configuration monitoring, application mapping and cloud infrastructure monitoring.

Post-Event Delegate Posts

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