It’s HP Discover week in Barcelona and so an appropriate time to talk about Gartner’s recent Critical Capabilities for General-Purpose, High-End Storage Arrays report.  Chris Mellor covered the details in a recent article, which included a chart of the top players.  Hitachi (through both the HDS and HP models) comes out top with their VSP platform, followed by HP 3PAR, although it should be noted that the top 5/6 products are pretty close together.

I’ve mentioned many times about the quality of the VSP platform especially with their recent flash addition and the positioning of the G1000.  Similarly, HP have extended and improved the 3PAR range of products, reaching from high end down to SMB and covering flash too (7400 series, 7200 series).  What’s fascinating is that both high end “winners” have evolved from all-HDD platforms to integrate flash and offer all-flash versions.  As previously discussed, Gartner excluded HDS from their all-flash MQ and HP only made it in (allegedly) because the HP 3PAR 7450 is a separate SKU product.  This still strikes me as a ludicrous partitioning of the market, but I’m sure Gartner would argue that a division has to be made somewhere.

The Architect’s View

The 3PAR platform continues to be expanded with new features and strengthens HP’s message that the single 3PAR platform can serve all needs, even if Gartner doesn’t rate it highly for all-flash.  Each HP Discover event sees new announcements.  Look out for posts later this week when this event’s news comes out.

Disclaimer:  I was personally invited to attend HP Discover, with HP covering my travel and accommodation costs.  However I was not compensated for my time.  I am not required to blog on any content; blog posts are not edited or reviewed by HP before publication.


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