This page is a good old-fashioned list of bloggers I regularly read.  Where available I’ve included the RSS feed of their site.  I pretty much used RSS exclusively to read content (via Feedly).


  • D8tadude – IT’s Richard Arnold, focusing a lot on 3PAR and other enterprise storage solutions.
  • Deep Storage (Howard Marks) – Howard doesn’t post that often, but content is good.  Obviously storage focused, with Howard’s tendrils into other areas.
  • Ray on Storage (Ray Lucchesi) – Analyst and long-time storage pro, Ray covers the industry and other interesting areas of technology.
  • Storagebod (Martin Glassborow) – Martin hasn’t posted recently, but is highly perceptive in the storage world and is an end user too.
  • (Dan Frith) – Mostly storage related stuff from Dan who lives in the future (Brisbane in Australia).
  • Around The Storage Block (Calvin Zito &  Guests) – OK Calvin is a vendor, but the site has some great content on HPE products.  Worth following and listening to (he does a podcast too).
  • (Enrico Signoretti) – now working for OpenIO as Head of Product Strategy, Enrico still blogs on storage and wider IT issues.
  • Pack Rat (Stephen Foskett) – Stephen isn’t a regular blogger compared to others and although he’s mainly storage, the Pack Rat blog contains other things that are more consumer related.
  • VirtuallyTiedToMyDesktop (Matt Leib) – probably the longest single word blog title.  Matt has some great angles on storage and virtualisation (although he only gets a single entry here).
  • Virtual Storage Zone (Mark May) – Mark has the benefit of being a real end user with budget, so he knows how the vendors play and how the market works.
  • Hu’s Blog – What was originally a separate blog has now been added to Hitachi’s community site.  Hu is a long-time veteran of the storage industry.
  • The Data Machine (Glenn Dekhayser) – not the most prolific (frequent) blogger, Glenn’s comments are spot-on, every couple of months.


  • Kamshin (Max Mortillaro) – with a name that sounds like a Bond villain, who can resist reading Max’s views on storage, virtualisation and IT in general?
  • (Alex Galbraith) – possibly the tallest man in blogging and Scottish too – what’s not to like? Oh and he knows a bit about virtualisation too.
  • WoodITWork (Julian Wood) – Julian is an Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, covering virtualisation, a little bit of storage and cloud.
  • GeekFluent (Dave Henry) – I’m putting Dave into the virtualisation bucket, based on some of his previous work.  However, he’s as equally comfortable claiming to know about storage and networking too.
  • (Nigel Poulton) – If Matt has the longest named blog, then Nigel gets the award for most original name.  Now a Docker fanboy, Nigel used to know about storage once upon a time.
  • Rickatron Blog (Rick Vanover) – Rick blogs less than he used to (pressure of a busy job with Veeam), however he posts lots of great stuff covering virtualisation and Microsoft products.
  • Techhead (Simon Seagrave) – now based out of the US, Kiwi Si (who works for Dell EMC) covers mainly virtualisation and cloud.


  • Cloud Bingo (Ed Morgan) – cloud with a storage slant from Ed, who now works as an SE for Rubrik.  This pushes him back in the storage camp to my mind.

Business & Generalist

  • The CTO Advisor (Keith Townsend) – Keith covers how CTOs and CIOs should approach using technology to deliver their business needs.  Always a different and interesting angle.
  • Eigenmagic (Justin Warren) – Justin does the Eigencast, a podcast interviewing industry movers and shakers.  He also writes on Forbes and has a pretty good blog.


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