As we near the end of 2017, it’s a great time to reflect on the year and what’s been achieved.  As part of 2018 planning, we’d like to get your views on what you would like to see talked about in 2018.

We ask that you complete a very short survey – so short it’s 5 questions only – that will give us some steer on what will be interesting for 2018.

The Survey is now closed, thanks to all those who responded.

Alternatively, you can provide feedback via email ([email protected]), Twitter, or LinkedIn.  Thanks for your time and here’s to an interesting 2018!

Written by Chris Evans

With 30+ years in IT, Chris has worked on everything from mainframe to open platforms, Windows and more. During that time, he has focused on storage, developed software and even co-founded a music company in the late 1990s. These days it's all about analysis, advice and consultancy.