This is one of a series of posts discussing the presenters at Tech Field Day 10, occurring 3rd – 5th February 2016 in Austin, Texas, at which I am an attending delegate.  See links at the end of this post to other presenting vendors.  Details of the event can be found on the Tech Field Day 10 page at

Dell Inc is another vendor that has presented many times at Tech Field Day, most recently at Network Field Day 11 only last week.  I’ve included a list of previous events at the end of this post, or you can look at the dedicated Dell page on the TFD site for more information.  In the past, there have been a wide range of topics discussed, including every part of the IT infrastructure – networking, storage, servers and applications.  There’s no doubting that Dell as a company has a wide portfolio that meets pretty much any infrastructure requirement, as well as their consumer business lines.  So, at this stage it’s difficult to pre-guess what could come up.  Instead, let’s look at where the business is headed and how that could influence the discussion.

Dell, EMC and VMware

In October last year, Dell announced the acquisition of EMC Corporation and all of the subsidiary companies such as VMware.  The deal has been subject to much discussion, including the supposition that the tracking stock that will be issued in lieu of VMware shares is actually worthless (check out Keith Townsend’s post for more details).  Putting the financials aside for a moment, there’s still a lot to be discussed in terms of Dell/EMC’s strategy, where the rationalisation of products will be made and how the combined company can take on the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the public versus private cloud debate.

So from my perspective, whatever does get presented will need to be framed in the context of where the company is headed, when/if they become a combined entity towards the end of 2016.  Of course at this stage, Dell will be unlikely and unwilling to discuss the details of the combined organisation until the deal completes (which is perfectly understandable), however, that won’t stop the speculation.

The Architect’s View

Dell as a company is in an interesting position, as it looks to take on Cisco, HPE and Oracle head to head in the infrastructure market.  Anything the company does at the moment will be fully scrutinised by the industry.  I’m looking forward to seeing what gets presented.  In the meantime, check out the previous event links for more details.

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