This is one of a series of posts discussing the presenters at Tech Field Day 10, occurring 3rd – 5th February 2016 in Austin, Texas, at which I am an attending delegate.  See links at the end of this post to other presenting vendors.  Details of the event can be found on the Tech Field Day 10 page at

Rubrik is a relatively new start-up that focuses on backup, or as we should call it, data protection.  The company was founded in 2014 and has some interesting investors like John Thompson (Microsoft Chairman, ex Symantec CEO and current Virtual Instruments CEO), Dheeraj Pandey (Nutanix founder & CEO) and Frank Slootman (ex Data Domain CEO).  Current CEO Bipul Sinha was also a founding investor in Nutanix and PernixData, so there’s a lot of experience in the company at bringing new technologies to the market.  To date the company has raised just over $51 million in two rounds of investments.

So what’s wrong with backup that we need yet another solution?  Probably the clear difference between Rubrik and their competitors is a desire to make data protection a seamless and simple task.  Company messaging talks about eliminating backup software (which clearly means in the “legacy” sense of the term) and instead providing an appliance that can be pointed to a virtual server environment and be protecting data within minutes.  To be fair, we’ve seen backup appliances before – I wrote an article for Tech Target only as recently as November 2015 talking about the various solutions in the market place.  So what makes Rubrik different?

So far, the differences seem to me to be:

  • Scalability – the Rubrik solution is deployed as a scale-out appliance that allows customers to increase their backup capability easily and in line with production data growth.  Scaling backup systems has always been a pain and is very often forgotten by IT until it becomes a critical problem.
  • Simplicity – Rubrik deploys without any agents, so uses advertised backup interfaces in platforms like VMware vSphere.  This means integration of the solution needs very little effort.  Backups are driven by policy rather than being tagged specifically to VMs, making the job of backing up large environments very simple.
  • Search – Google made their name on making it easy to find anything with just a few keywords.  Rubrik are looking to bring that Google-like simplicity to searching for data that needs to be restored from a backup.

Rubrik has been described as the Time Machine for Enterprise backups, a term that will not be lost on Apple Mac fans.  I’m looking forward to finding out a little more as to how that level of magic actually works.  Tune in online at to watch the event live.  The schedule will be posted on the dedicated Tech Field Day 10 page.  I will also be tracking posts from the event here at a special page covering the event.

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