This is one of a series of posts discussing the presenters at Tech Field Day 10, occurring 3rd – 5th February 2016 in Austin, Texas, at which I am an attending delegate.  See links at the end of this post to other presenting vendors.  Details of the event can be found on the Tech Field Day 10 page at

If you have a management problem, it appears that SolarWinds has a product to fit your needs.  A quick check of the corporate website shows me that there are 34 separate products listed, covering network management, system  management, IT security, databases and help desk.  If I had to make an educated guess, I’d say that the company’s foundation came from monitoring networks, the category that has the most products on offer.  However that could be gross generalisation, as SolarWinds does appear to have acquired a number of other companies since founding in 2007.

I’ve always been a fan of discrete software tools for specific tasks and over the years I’ve written a few myself (including a recent one for remote iSCSI initiator management on Windows).  There’s a fine line between having multiple tools and one enormous monolithic platform that covers every eventuality.  Large pieces of software take a lot of effort to maintain and put dependencies into the infrastructure than can even prevent production systems from being upgraded.

However on the flip side, too many management tools can be a problem, unless of course they all have a similar look and feel; outside of what the tools provide, having a consistent interface that works well across all environments is a key requirement.

SolarWinds are a regular contributor to Tech Field Days, having presented at ten previous events, half of which have been networking focused.  A full list of these is available at the end of this post, or can be found at the Tech Field Day SolarWinds page.  It will be interesting to see what the company chooses to show us on this occasion – hopefully not networking related!

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