To keep up with the latest technology, the Architecting IT team maintains a lab of equipment for testing that can’t be achieved using public cloud.  This includes storage hardware and software that needs dedicated hardware for deployment.  The lab is hosted with Safehosts Internet based in Cheltenham, which allows us to deploy and test vendor hardware as required.  Currently the lab setup consists of:

  • Multiple Dell PowerEdge servers
  • HP MSA2000 Fibre Channel storage
  • QSAN iSCSI storage
  • 1GB Networking
  • Scale Computing 3-node cluster, each node:
    • 1U Supermicro Server
    • Intel Xeon X3450 (2.67Ghz)
    • 32GB DRAM
    • 4x 500GB 7.2K SATA 6Gb/s
    • 2x 1GbE Ethernet
  • Hyper-V test environment
  • VMware vSphere test environment

Vendor Donated Equipment

  • Scale Computing have generously donated a 3-node cluster for testing, evaluation and general usage.  This currently forms our main VM testing environment on which we run CentOS, Ubuntu, other Linux deployments and Windows.
  • Micron have provided a P420 PCIe SSD that I currently use as a datastore under VMware for high performance VMs.

If you’re a vendor looking to donate equipment to the lab for evaluation and ongoing usage, please get in touch!  Currently we could use 10Gb Ethernet, plus some large capacity servers (e.g. 2/4 socket and 128GB+ DRAM. 

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